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Do Horse Racing Betting Systems Work?

Before there can be a meaningful discussion about betting systems, it’s important to note the conversation could be steered one of two ways. First, there are betting systems that focus on handicapping races and picking winners. Second the conversation could be directed towards money management.

Horse Picking Betting Systems

Many times, novice horseplayers find themselves in a pinch for time. They want to enjoy an afternoon of betting horses, but don’t have the time or resources to do their homework. In that regard, betting systems laid out by professional handicappers have value. That value lies in teaching horseplayers to focus on one handicapping aspect instead of trying to incorporate too much data into the process.

As indicated, most handicapping systems are directed towards one aspect or angle of the handicapping process. That focus may ne placed on speed figures, class or race flow.  All of these are viable things to focus on when handicapping races. Horseplayers have a tendency to favor one aspect of handicapping. With a betting system to help them in their specific endeavor, the additional focus is bound to make the horseplayer more efficient.

The reality is that handicapping systems leave very little room for thinking outside the box. On its own, a betting system just doesn’t incorporate enough data to be consistently useful. Handicapping races with even a few as six runners can be a complicated process. We would like to recommend that horseplayers focus on doing their own work when time permits. The amount of knowledge one gains by doing this is going to make them a better handicapper over time. After doing their own work, a good handicapping system could be used to confirm one’s own analysis. In that regard, betting systems could prove to be very valuable.

For what it’s worth, the best handicapping-based betting systems are the ones that help the horseplayer isolate contenders from pretenders. Any system that fails to do that on a consistent basis should be tossed in the can.

If time doesn’t permit doing one’s own work, the horseplayer should pass or put strict limits on the amounts wagered.

Money Management Betting Systems

The number one problem among gamblers is they don’t know how to manage their money. They jump on a wagering site and simply start throwing their money around. Eventually, the account or wallet is going to be empty long before the day is over.

Without showing support for one system over another, there are several money management systems that work very well. These are the systems that teach discipline. The very first thing all gamblers should do in never gamble more than they can afford to lose. Unless one intends to gamble professionally, the money people use to gamble with should be considered their entertainment bankroll. Bills must be paid, the kids must be fed and something should be set aside for the future before one decides to gamble on a regular basis.

There’s two basic things a good money management system should teach. The first thing a bettor needs to know is how to allocate their funds so they have enough money to cover the racing day. The second discipline is learning how to save the largest wagers for the races where the horseplayer’s opinion is the strongest.

Imagine for a moment that you sign on to bet a few races. You intend to play the entire card (not recommended) with your top selection running in one of the later races. Without discipline, it’s quite possible you’ll get to your top selection with a depleted bankroll. How bad will you feel if you have very little to bet on your top selection, and they win the race at good odds? OUCH!

Just a word of caution. If you are going to use any kind of betting system, you need to follow the system’s instructions. Most systems don’t allow for flexibility. If a system consistently proves to be unreliable, toss it and try something else.