Esports betting guide

eSports Betting Guide

Welcome to the exciting world of betting on eSports. The information provided on this page will help you better understand the nuances of betting on eSports. Hopefully, the tips offered in the last section will help you become a winner.

eSports A New Revelation in Betting

If you aren’t sure exactly what eSports is, you are not alone. eSports pits teams from around the world who compete for millions of dollars by playing popular video games. Over the past 5 years, competition gaming has been gaining momentum. Now it is fast becoming a popular betting option for gamblers all over the world.

It’s only in the past couple of years that enough data has become available to prompt serious gamblers to consider eSports a viable betting option. There’s three main considerations one should take into account if they want to bet something this new. Those three things are the game to be played, is it a league or tournament format and the each team’s profile.

What makes eSports unique is physical prowess only comes into play during long games and tournaments where endurance is crucial. Beyond that, eSports is a competition of the mind and reflexes. Top players play video games for thousands of hours each year. Most of the focus is put on gaming genres like first-person shooter (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), fighting and real-time strategy, with Dota 2, LoL (League of Legends) and CS:GO (Counter-Striker: Global Offensive)

How to Bet eSportsLeague Format

For all examples, we will assume the bettor is going to be wagering in $100 USD increments. The favorite in a match will be listed with a minus (-) money line while the underdog will be listed with a plus (+) money line. The minus represents the amount the bettor must bet to win $100. The plus represents the amount the bettor will win if they bet $100.

eSports competitions are divided into two categories: leagues and tournaments. Leagues are comprised of as many as 12 teams, each competing against one another 1 or 2 times a week. Tournaments can include dozens of entrants from all over the world. They typically compete in single or double elimination formats.

By far, it’s easier for bettors to track, handicap and bet on league games. Most of the teams in a given league play each other often enough to create useful information about matchups. For bettors who don’t know, many of the world’s top leagues stream their matches online.

From a betting perspective, money lines are used to create betting options. Occasionally, the lines maker will attempt to balance the betting with handicap ratings. When handicap ratings are used, the winning team is determined by taking the final score and subtracting the handicap rating from the favorite’s score or adding the handicap rating to the underdog’s score. The remaining score determines the winner.  In many cases, the lines maker will also provide an over/under betting option. The over/under line represents the estimated total score for the two teams combined. The bettor must determine if the two teams will go over or under that stated total. Here’s a betting example.

Example: Today’s eSports Tournament matchup is between Team Newbee and Team LGD Gaming. Both teams are ranked among the best in the world. The teams are near equal, so a straight money line will be used. Also, there will be no over/under total.

The favored team in a matchup will have a minus (-1) symbol before their money line odds while the underdog will have a plus (+) sign.  Let’s look at the proposed matchup:

Newbee +120
LGD Gaming140

LGD Gaming is favored as indicated by the minus money line. The payoffs on these odds are calculated as follows: If the bettor bets $100 on Newbee, they will get back $220 for a profit of $120 if he wins. If the bettor bets the same $100 on LGD Gaming, they will be back $171.43 for a profit of $71.43 if he wins. Note: the winnings on a minus amount are calculated by taking the bet amount and dividing it by the money line odds with a decimal placed two digits to the left from the end. In this case it would be $100/1.5 = $66.67. Should the teams end up tied after regulation, they will play overtime until a winner is determined. There will be no ties.

If interested in betting parlays (accumulators), please see the MLB Betting Guide page.

When betting tournaments, the betting format for each matchup is the same as shown above. However, lines makers will typically post odds on each participating team to win the whole tournament. The odds are usually stated in this format xx-1.

eSports Betting Tips

It’s going to be difficult to find handicappers who are providing free and paid tips. If you are going to bet on eSports matchups, you need to familiarize yourself with the games, teams and players. Without this knowledge, handicapping is going to be difficult. Here’s some useful tips:

  • Read eSports news articles to learn more about teams and their achievements
  • Teams that travel further from home for competitions have a slight disadvantage
  • Look for trends. It’s not uncommon for teams to become progressively better at a specific game as they gain more experience playing it.
  • In league matchups, look at the track record of the two teams playing against each other in the pass.
  • When new players join a team, that team may encounter a learning curve while they learn to play with the new member.
  • Don’t bet on teams without some knowledge of how well they have been performing.

As a rule of thumb, you should never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on a straight bet. Above all, you never want to gamble with more than you can afford to lose. That means pay your bills, put some savings aside and have fun betting on tennis matches with whatever you might have remaining. Responsible gambling is the only way to truly enjoy the experience.


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