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Follow These Simple Rules If You Want To Win Betting On Basketball

The NFL may be declining in popularity in the US but one sport that is gaining from its decline is Basketball which is seeing record number attend the games. It is not just the USA that it is gaining popularity as in large parts of Europe and Asia it is one of the most played and watched sports. Many fans are starting to put their extensive knowledge to good use by betting on matches. Just because someone is knowledgeable does not guarantee a win but it certainly helps increase the chances of winning. If you are thinking about placing basketball wagers, you will need to follow simple rules to stay out of trouble and capitalize the most. Below are my tips on how to go about achieving this and you can read more here about it.

#1. Data Analysis

If you are not the type of personality that loves studying data and is prepared to spend hours analyzing all the current stats to find the best-undervalued betting opportunities, you will be better off financially staying away from sports gambling. If you do not carry out a great deal of preparation for each bet, you are making decisions based on gut instinct and will rely on luck for your bet to come in.

#2. Choosing The Right Betting Type

You do not have to pick the winner or loser of a basketball game to place bets as now there is a huge variety of bet types to choose from. If you want to be successful you will need to fully understand each option so that you can pick the best bets. Different team matchups present different options which as more suited towards other betting types such as over/under and spread point betting. One of the best options is to bet during live play as you get to make decisions in real time which can give an advantage.

#3. Additional Betting Factors To Consider

Most punters base their bets on statistical information on the team’s record, form and league positions. This is a good starting point but it does not go far enough to help win on a regular basis and come out on top. Other factors such as fatigue, relationship troubles of a star player, injuries, venue etc need to be included in the equation to work out the best bets to make.

#4. Over And Under Betting

One of the betting types that can add to the excitement of watching games is to bet on the number of points will be scored. Punters can get odds for set points totals and place a wager on if they think the amount will be more or less. When using this betting type make sure that you factor in both teams style of play as if both teams love to attack it could end up being a high scoring match and vice-versa if they are both defensives.


Make sure you spend lots of time gathering all of the data on the upcoming basketball matches and analyze it to find undervalued betting opportunities. Preparation is the key to being successful so the more time you spend analyzing each possibility, the better your chances of winning will be.

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