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How to bet on boxing II

Betting has no doubt become an income and revenue for the government who has already allowed this kind of industry.

Betting on boxing yields so many millions to markets. Boxing events do not have specific days for boxing as these events are solely dependent on the boxer’s decision on when to fight. For a better, you may need to find when these fights are scheduled.

Back in the day, during the times of Mohammad Ali, boxing was a popular sport after those times, the boxing industry gradually dropped in revenue until recently with active boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Joshua have caused the return of boxing once again and betting.

Here are the ways through which you can place your bet on boxing:

  • Reading boxing odds and the money line, this is like any traditional bet all you need to do is to pick what you think will win for every match available, it is also advisable to risk small for every match as this will still yield the same results.
  • Round betting,

Round betting is betting on the number of rounds for a certain match and if a match will go beyond a particular round

  • Victory betting is where there is a higher chance that one particular boxer will win in a match( one-sided match) then the bettor will have to bet on how the fighter will win the match either a draw, stoppage, decisions, or points
  • Parlay boxing, is also about wagering money on the outcome of two or more matches on a single ticket and here all the fighters picked must all win for you to receive your money. It’s also upon you to determine how much you want to wage on each fighter
  • Final Judgment markets, this is where you bet on the judge’s verdict of the match. Therefore here you will wage money on the winner or the judge’s final say about the match either through a unanimous decision, split decision, or majority decision

majority decision is dependent on how many judges agree on who won

The split decision is where,

Unanimous is where all the three judges agree on who won the fight

The split decision is where two judges agree on one fighter while the other judge chooses the other fighter as the winner

  • over/under betting, common among other sports. This is where the bettor will have to choose either over or under specified score for the outcome of the match.

the score is dependent on how long the fight will take and the bettor will have to choose if the fight will be shorter or longer


Betting on boxing has become easier by the day, and a bettor can easily bet from the comfort of their house online, by picking your best boxing site, getting signed up to create an account then a deposit to pick the wages that you want to place your bet. Unlike the traditional way of betting that was so busy that could easily make indecisive bets depending on the crowd’s say.