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How to bet on cricket in 2021

Here are the ways through which you can bet on cricket:

Match betting is sometimes referred to as the straightforward bet where you must predict who wins the match from three possible outcomes, the home team will win, or visiting team will win or the match will end in a draw. The fact that it is the easiest way of betting, is seen in several other sports besides cricket.


Completed match, this is about whether the game will be completed in one day or not. So, all you do depend on the question asked is either answer yes or no.

A tied match, this also another simple bet where you either answer yes or no if the match will end in a tie thus if you pass it then you can collect your wager.

Innings runs, this is about the number of runs that will be made in the first innings and one must determine if the number of runs will be either above or under the given number of runs.

Top bowler, for those who intend to bet on one specific player, this is the option you need to consider. The bettor needs to correctly predict the player who will be taking the title of the top bowler.

Top batsman, this is about predicting who will score the most goals during the match and the bettor can pick from either of the teams and for the correct pick, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Team of top Batsman, same as the above but the difference is in this kind of bet, it is not about a specific player and compared to the above two options this is more like match betting and easy to bet on since your options are narrowed down to just two and the chances of picking the correct may seem higher.

Bowler match bets, this is about predicting from the two players who will have the most wickets in the match.

Batsman match bets, here you will be given two options of the players who will have the most runs during the match to choose from. Depending on you, you select one of the two options that you think will have the most runs.

Tournament outright winner, this is about selecting one team that you think will win the overall match or series to emerge the outright winner of the tournament.

Over/ underscore, the sportsbook usually announces its estimated total score of the match and for one o wager, they must either choose over or under the estimated score.

Odd/evens runs, here a bettor needs to determine if the number of runs will be an even number or odd number.

Most runs out, here is about predicting which one of the two teams will have the most runs at the end of the series or match.

Man of the match/ player of the series, at the end of the match or series, it is habitual to always announce the man of the match or the player of the series thus the bettor will have to predict the man or men who will be taking the title home.