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How to bet on football and win if you have been losing?

Betting on football is also known as sports betting and this is where people put their money to bet on the outcome of the match.

All is you have to do is purchase a bet ticket, and the shopkeeper will write on the ticket the team you bet on, your expected results, and the amount of money you intend to bet on or sometimes you can place your bet via an online sportsbook like DraftKings sportsbook, bet MGM and many others.

Here are some of the options to consider when betting on football for a win if you were not getting the expected results:

  • Follow football expert predictions, and not necessarily any tipster, this is because an expert tipster has researched already about their predictions
  • Double chance, is where you bet on two different outcomes to increase your chance of winning
  • Draw no bet, this is where bet on a game and if it ends on a draw, then your money is returned back to you
  • Change bookmakers, as much as most of these bookmakers encourage brand loyalty it’s still okay to bet as many times as possible with different bookmakers
  • Keep a betting record, the betting details one needs to consider for keeps are, his wins and loss in bets, the amount of money put for betting, overall profits and loss from bets, each bookmaker used for each of the bets, these will enable you to carefully strategize your next bets
  • Stay honest and neutral, and avoid betting on your favorite team when the odds are against them
  • Remain educated about football to know your football team inside out before you bet and what teams are more likely to win either at home or elsewhere, for instance, learn about even the smallest changes in details like injury
  • Know your markets, stay educated about the bets to avoid convincing yourself wrongly and if your market is constantly Losing then you may have to change the market
  • Take the small wins, and it’s also okay to lose, and always remember that profit is profit no matter how small it is
  • Do not bet with your heart nor your guts, rather critically study the games with their scores and your previous bets
  • Pick a few teams to bet on that you have good knowledge of and their odds are high and avoid selecting so many team’s that reduce your chance of winning
  • By use of matched betting, is commonly used by betting experts and so will be a good idea to increase your winning potential and eventually profits


As much as these strategies are given to help you win, they do not offer one the guarantee 100% that they will win when they follow the above guidelines. Gambling is a game of chance, play smart to win more. The above guidelines target those who are new to betting to teach them how to go about betting in the market.