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How to bet on golf in 2021

Golf is among the most popular sports to bet on from around the world. It has been utilized by the majority of sportsbooks to make money from betting both online and offline

Here are some of the bets on golf in 2021:

  • Outright winners,

This is about betting on the man who you think will win the tournament. This is sometimes hard to determine as there are many men with the potential to be the outright winner in the winner

  • Place/finishing position,

This is where bettors wager on a player to finish in either the first top 5,10 or 20. This is easy to win most especially if you bet a player will finish in the first top 20 after considering their skills and potential exhibited in the field.

  • Matchups

This is where bettors bet on a player straight up against another and they can either be for a full tournament or just a specific round. There are also different forms of matchups like:

Head to head matchups,

This is where two golfers are put together to play with odds on who will have a better score and a bettor will have to bet one player as compared to his pricing.

Nationality matchups,

This is where the best golfers are paraded for the tournament. Here you can use the top five-bet to bet on the best golf that you think will finish in the first top-five.


Also referred to as the 3-ball betting and uses the pairings in the match while giving odds to the player who performs well for each round

  • First-round leader,

This is a new way of betting on golf and has yet been recognized by most sportsbooks and is not yet available.

  • Live golf betting,

This is like in the other sports like football and basketball, where you bet on what may happen next in the tournament. The only difference here is that you are given a considerable amount of time between rounds to do research.

  • Propositions (golf props)

The most famous props among golf bettors are the Top 5/10/20 finishes for individual golfers. However other golf props include who will make or miss the cut( this is reserved for the bigger tournaments), will there be a hole in one or not,

  • Future bets

These are bets that are done even before the start of the betting season. odds can be set up a year in advance.

  • Each-way betting,

This type of betting is available for other sports. Under here, while placing a bet on the tournament winner, there are options given to the bettor either to basically win the event or backing them each way. By backing your golfer each way it doubles your initial stake.

In conclusion, the blog answered the question, ‘how to bet on golf in 2021?’.  It has discussed the ways through one can bet on golf to give a rough idea to all those wanting to bet on golf