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How to bet on hockey in 2021-22

Here are the ways through which you can bet on hockey:

  • Moneyline betting,

This is the most straightforward and easy bet that anyone could possibly bet on. All you have to do is to determine who wins the game straight up, basically predicting the outright winner for the game. There are no strings attached or conditions or conveniences but just victory.

  • Plucking betting,

This is the same as betting for run line in baseball or betting against the spread for football and sometimes plucking is referred to as spread betting. This is because the technicalities involved are quite similar. This is not about predicting who the outright winner is but rather specifying a particular number of goals expected to be won by the player you choose and while betting on the underdog, the bettor predicts with how many goals the person selected will lose.

  • Betting on total goals,

It is sometimes known as the over/under. It is also an easy way of betting on hockey. This is basically about predicting if the total score of both teams will be either above or under the total score given by the sportsbook you are betting from.

  • Betting on futures,

These kinds of bets are usually open before the hockey season starts and closes once the hockey season begins and you can bet on which team will get the winner’s cup, conference titles, etc.

  • Betting on future playoffs,

This is another form of future playoffs which is really popular among bettors. When these kinds of bets will open and how many odds are awarded for this bet is dependent on the sportsbook where you play from.

  • Betting on in games,

This is also known as live betting whereby you watch and bet on what will happen next in the game.

  • Bets on multiple games,

Bets on multiple games are risky as there are fewer chances of winning but with higher rewards that’s why people feel the urge to bet on them. Betting on multiple games is where a bettor bets on more than one game with a high number of variables. These kinds of bets are for the experts.

  • Parlay,

This is betting on several games within the match or across several other games. It’s basically the collection of every game you intend to bet on. However, to qualify to win parlay, you must have predicted correctly for all the games listed on the betting ticket. Otherwise, if you fail in one and pass the rest correctly, it still doesn’t qualify you to get money at all. However, if you win all of them the rewards are huge. This is another risky bet one could bet on. In parlay predictions, it involves money line, puck line, total bets for either of the games listed.

  • Betting on props,

These bets are sometimes referred to as propositional bets where a bettor bets on particular players for the game. These propositions suggested for you vary from one sportsbook to another and they include, who will score the first goal, a man of the match, etc.