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How to bet on horse races in 2021-22

Horse Racing is no doubt among the fun and exciting sports to bet on in 2021 and with this blog, we will show the kinds of bets you can place on horse races and they include:

In horse races, there are only two types of bets which are straight wagers for beginners and exotic wagers for the experts.

Straight wagers:

As already mentioned, it’s for starters who are new to betting on horses because easy and cheap as its minimum wage is only $2 while all you have to do is to choose a horse that will come in the first or second, or third position

With straight wagers, you can only bet on one horse either to win, to place, to show, or to cross the board.

To win: means you are betting your horse finishes in the first position to take the money

To place: this means your horse will have to either be in the first position or second for you to take the money. As compared to the first one, the returns are more though there’s the assurance you will still take the money when the horse you chose ends up in first or second place.

To show: here you bet that your horse ends up in any of the first three positions, the chances of winning are usually high but the money to be collected is very low compared to the first and second best.

Across the board: here is where you bet on a horse to win, place, show. Thus it is a three in one bet and usually expensive with fewer profits because you are betting on three bets for $6.

Win/place and place/show: this is placing two bets at a time either a win/place or a place/show and if your horse wins any out of the combo then you take the money for it. This is also slightly expensive to place at $4.

Exotic wagers:

This is for the expert bettors and those who have been betting for a long time. Under exotic wager, there are better bets on many horses as he may please in a single bet.

EXACTA: this is where a bettor bets on their favorite horses to come in the exact order as a first and second position for instance horse C will be in 2 positions and horse D will be in the first position. This kind of betting is common among skilled bettors.

QUINELLA: this is where a bettor bets on two horses to come in first and second position in whatever order. You take the money for as long as your horses come in any position however the payout for EXACTA is more than QUINELLA.

TRIFECTA: you bet that three horses will finish in the first or second or third position in that exact order

SUPERFECTA: you bet that four horses will finish in the first or second or third or fourth position in the exact order