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How to Find Legit Online US Betting Sites in 2019

Online gambling is a fairly new phenomenon in America. As such, all of the websites that offer online gambling have very little history behind them. Without history or an established reputation, it’s difficult for gamblers, who are new to the concept of online gambling, to know how to go about finding legit online gambling websites. The following information will hopefully provide guidelines that make the search and selection process easier.

Before having a discussion about the criteria one should use to find one of the best US gambling sites, it’s important to clarify information about existing laws in each state. Currently, there are four states that have legalized online gambling for its residents: Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In each of those four states, it is only legal to gamble online from an IP address registered within the state. That makes it illegal for anyone outside of those states to use a legal online gambling site from those states.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Online Gambling Sites

The three most important criteria one should use when selecting an online gambling site with which to register and play would include licensing, gambling options and bonus promotions. Let’s look at these criteria in more depth.

Licensing – Under no circumstances should anyone register and play online casino games with a website that is not properly licensed and registered to provide online gambling services with a legitimate governmental regulatory agency. This same rule would apply to anyone looking to gamble through an online website operating offshore in another country. As a rule of thumb, a gambler who wants to gamble online from New Jersey has an obligation to make sure they select an online site licensed in New Jersey. That rule applies to all states.

Gambling Options – Currently, there are three kinds of online gambling sites operating in the US: Casino only sites, sports betting only sites and websites that offer both. If a casino gambler wants to play casino games online, they can enhance their gambling experience by selecting the online casinos that offer the most games with the most popular titles (video slots). At the absolute least, it would be prudent to register and play on websites that offer games from the top software developers, including Betsoft, Microgaming, Net Entertainment (NetEnt) and Playtech.

Bonus Promotions – If all other things are somewhat equal, the best online gambling site would be the one that’s offering the best bonus promotions. In Europe, the online gambling industry is so competitive that players often get access to some really lucrative bonus opportunities. In the US, the market is not nearly as competitive, but each site does offer bonuses. In most cases, the welcome bonus package is the most lucrative. These bonus offers usually provide a matching bonus percentage based on the amount of the player’s first deposit. While the highest matching percentage up to the highest maximum bonus might seem like the best bonus, there’s more to consider. Players need to combine that with the bonus terms and conditions to see which one is likely to give the gambler the most real value.

When selecting a US online gambling site, do your research and have fun.