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How to Find the Best Online Casino Websites

With interest in online casino gambling surging across the planet, there’s a plethora of new online casino websites joining the fray every day. As a gaming enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to select the best possible online site or sites on which to invest your hard-earned wages. The information below should serve as a solid set of guidelines from which you can better make an informed decision.

It’s all about criteria. With hundreds of viable online casino sites to choose from, you’ll need a set of criteria you can use to compare one website to another. To keep things simple, here’s three things you should consider: reputation, software/games and bonuses.


In any industry where people are investing their money, reputation has to be considered. It would be a mistake to assume all online casinos operate without some level of impropriety. There’s not a lot of rogue sites, but there are enough to warrant scrutiny. There’s three ways a prospective customer can find out about an online casino’s reputation. Personal references are always good if the one giving the reference is a close friend and reliable source.

Another good resource would be one of the designated online casino watchdog sites like Casinomeister. Some of these sites do good work accumulating information about a casino’s mode of operation, payment issues and overall track record. Any online casino with multiple issues should be avoided.

Finally, most of the top online casino sites operate under the rules and regulation of a jurisdictional body from a specific region. In Europe, it would be the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. In the US, each state has its own commission. Online gamblers can request information from these governing bodies on any online casino within its jurisdiction. If an online casino is not affiliated with one of the top agencies, you need to avoid it.


The online gaming’s top software providers are companies like Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft and NetEnt to name a few. That’s not say other developers can’t develop decent software platforms and games, it’s just that in an environment where you have choices, why would you not join online casinos that offer the best products? In fact, you should focus on websites that offer software contributions from multiple top software developers.


At the end of the day, the online casino industry has become ultra-competitive. Online casino owners know this, and that’s why almost all online casinos offer truly competitive bonuses. Some bonuses are based on the player’s initial deposit(s) while others might be free giveaways. It’s up to the player to decide which kinds of bonuses they prefer. For sure, there is something out there for everyone. It just takes a little research and casino-to-casino comparison.

Caution: You have to look beyond the actual bonus offering. Each offer comes with “terms and conditions.” These are the guidelines one must follow in order to qualify for a bonus and any of the resulting winnings. The best bonuses are the ones that are potentially lucrative with player friendly terms and conditions.

Using the above set of criteria, you should be able to isolate online casinos that are safe, fun and aimed at giving the player the most bang for their bucks.

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