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How to Find the Best UK Gambling Sites in 2019

Welcome to the world of online gambling. In case you haven’t noticed, there are hundreds of online gambling sites available to residents in the UK. You are going to have to make a decision about where to lend your loyalty since you can’t possibly make deposits in multiple gambling accounts. We are here to let you know the best ways to identify the best online gambling sites in the UK, the ones that are most likely to suit your needs.

Before you start your search, you’ll need a good idea of what kind of online gambling you want to do. The options are casino games, sports betting, poker or horse racing. There are specific sites available for each of these options. If you anticipate being an equal opportunity gambler, you might want to focus on sites that offer the full spectrum of online gambling options.

The Search Criteria

Our suggestion to you is to use the following criteria to help you identify the online gambling sites that will best meet your needs. The criteria you should focus on, in order of importance, is as follow:

  • Reputation and Licensing
  • Available Games and Gambling Options
  • Banking Options, Customer Service and the Extras
  • Bonus Promotions

Reputation and licensing

As for reputation, this is a hard thing to determine. The best way to determine what others in the industry think about a particular website is to read online reviews. If you find a site that gets good comments on a regular basis, you might be on to something. With that said, you’ll want to verify that the review isn’t being given by a review site that is working in partnership with the site being reviewed. That’s a clear conflict of interest. You’ll want to focus on the review sites that appear to be independent and reputable unto themselves.

Please be aware, there are a number of rogue websites in operation. They’ll gladly take your money and win or lose, they will keep it. If they aren’t licensed and regulated by a reputable government agency like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, you could well be out of luck. Always verify that the sites you are considering have the necessary licensing. If problems arise, you’ll have some recourse. It would also be worth your time and effort to make sure the sites you are considering get favorable comments in a number of “watchdog” websites.

Available Games and Gambling Options

As we mentioned above, you’ll want to focus on websites that offer the kind of gambling you wish to do. For the most part, poker, horse racing and sports betting websites tend to be rather generic. Site themes and motifs are unimportant. For sports betting and horse racing in particular, you’ll want to make sure you locate the sites that offer the betting markets you find most suitable for your pleasure. You’ll also want to make sure you get access to the types of wagers (straight bets, accumulators, teasers, future odds betting and prop bets) you want to make.

With online casinos, there are material differences. Each site is going to attempt to sell itself based on its overall theme and motif. The main difference you’ll notice is with the video slots each site is making available. Some websites count on one software platform to furnish its entire library of casino games. In such cases, you’ll likely find a limited amount of games. In this modern age of online casino gambling, the best sites offer games from a variety of software providers. You’ll want to focus on websites that offer hundreds of slot games, a nice variety of table games and live dealer or gaming options. For the best games on the market, you should strongly consider websites that offer slots from multiple top online software companies like Betsoft, Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt.

Banking Options, Customer Service and the Extras

The last thing you’ll want to do is align yourself with an online gambling site that has a very limited selection of banking options. At the absolute least, you want to make sure any gambling website you have under consideration offers several banking options that are available in your region. Pay particular attention to the deposit/withdrawal limitations and the service fees charged for banking transactions. As an extra precaution, you’ll want to confirm the website(s) you choose is using the latest in security technology. Your safety is paramount.

Customer service is an important consideration in any merchant/customer relationship. When reading reviews, take note of comments about customer service. Good customer service will make your online gambling experience infinitely more enjoyable.

The most important extra is mobile gambling options. This is 2019 and any online gambling site that doesn’t offer a mobile access option is behind the times. The mobile app should be highly functional and offer the same gambling options as the parent website.

Bonus Promotions

In a highly competitive online gambling community, providers have to offer extras to draw customers. The extras are referred to as bonus promotions. If all your research with the other criteria point you to more than one online gambling site, you should use bonus promotions as your tie breaker. Each site’s welcome bonus offer should serve as a good barometer of the extra value they wish to extend to its player. Remember: you can’t look only at the dollar value of an offer. There are terms and condition to each bonus that can turn a high $$ value bonus into nothing because the terms and conditions are too restrictive. The most restrictive condition is the rollover requirement, which has the potential to make it near impossible to turn a bonus into real usable cash. Look for bonuses that offer good balance.

In summary, you’ll find the best UK online gambling sites if you focus on two things, protecting yourself and making sure the site(s) you select offers you a great online gambling experience.