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How To Look For The Best BTC Betting Sites

Betting using bitcoin gambling platforms is on the rise due to this new technology creating a brand new environment which is decentralized along with superior odds. What this means is that it is possible for gamblers who live in countries which gambling restrictions are placed to get around regulations by using a BTC betting site. Due to the nature of the blockchain is means that zero registration is required to place a bet and therefore bets can be placed anonymously.

There are many different kinds of betting sites that use crypto technology to power their games and more each month are been released. It makes finding the best betting operators hard to find due to the influx of new companies entering the marketplace. To find the best there are a number of factors you should look for, which I will discuss further below.

Is The Betting Site Decentralized?

The most important factor you need to consider is if the betting site is decentralized or not. This is vital if you want to get around gambling restrictions in your country or simply want to stay anonymous along with keeping gambling transactions off your bank statement. If you have to register your personal information it means that the platform is not decentralized.

What Are The Reviews And Player Ratings?

Before using a bitcoin platform you must first check to see if the BTC betting operators reviewed or not. If you cannot find reviews be extremely cautious as you have no way of knowing if it is safe or not without this vital feedback. Make sure to visit more than one review site so that you can build a true picture of each platform to decide which one is best.

What Are The Payment Options Available?

If you want to use real money when betting at a bitcoin gambling site you will need to find hybrid platforms that accept both crypto and fiat money. Make sure that you can both deposit and withdraw in your choose payment method along with is there are any financial transaction fees attached as that can make a big difference to you coming out on top.

How Big Is The Size Of Bonuses Available?

Using bonuses is the best way to win when using sports betting sites as long as the terms and conditions of the deal are fairly set. The bigger the bonus the more chances you get to win so always compare the different sizes of the promotions available to find the best site. Keep your eyes open for special promos such as risk-free bets as they give you a chance to win without risks.


The best platform for betting on sports using bitcoin and other cryptos will depend on your preferred options along with strategy. One of the best options is decentralized peer to peer betting sites as you can get increased odds for the bets you wish to make at these platforms. They may not have the super large bonuses on offer as you will find at traditional sites but you will win more per bet.

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