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Mobile App Betting on Pro Wrestling

In the coming weeks, online sports bettors will be getting back into action as sports leagues all over the world start reopening after a four month forced sabbatical due to the effects of the COVID9 pandemic. That is really great news for sports gamblers who have been pacing the floors, back and forth, waiting to start wagering on their favorite sports again.

For Americans who are new to the concept of online sports gambling, there could be a few surprises in store. For instance, there are not many people who are aware that American online sportsbooks may be offering the opportunity to wager on pro wrestling events. In such cases, sports gamblers will be able to open their favorite sportsbook mobile apps and place their WWE wagers within minutes. BTW: sports betting through mobile apps is growing throughout the world. Sports bettors are happy to take advantage of the chance to place bets at any time from anywhere.

Betting on Pro Wrestling?

Before your eyebrows start wrinkling from curiosity, everyone understands that pro wrestling events and matches are scripted. The parties in charge will know the outcome days and maybe weeks before a particular match or event is to be held. Now you are thinking, “if that’s the case, why would any online sportsbook be willing to accept wagers on such events?” The answer is, they can use it as a promotional tool.

While the wrestling is real, but the outcomes are scripted, pro wrestling still makes for great entertainment. That is why the WWE has a fan following that includes tens and maybe hundreds of millions of fans from all over the world. It just so happens that a lot of WWE fans also like to gamble on sports. The combination of these two facts forms the perfect storm for bookmakers to create ways to offer gambling on pro wrestling matches and events.

The Promotions

To be clear, it is very unlikely sports bettors will ever get access to pro wrestling as a viable betting market. With that said, bookmakers have innovated a way wrestling fans who love betting on sports can bet on their favorite wrestlers and/or tag teams. It is through the use of promotions. Here is how such a pro wrestling promo might work.

Let’s say it’s time for Summer Slam and Brock Lesnar is scheduled to face The Undertaker for the World Wrestling Enterprises Heavyweight Championship Title. Since the outcome is scripted, each wrestler has an equal chance of winning. With that in mind, Bookmaker A will offer a “pick’em” promotion where mobile sports bettors get a free bet on this designated match. If they select the winning side, they get a stated number of bonus dollars deposited into their bonus wagering account. Note: Free bet promotions are typically small, around $25 to $50 tops.

Why would bookmakers make such an offer? First, bonus promotions, even free bet offers, come with terms and conditions that make it difficult for bettors to convert bonus winnings into real cash they can withdraw. Second, it is a great way for online and mobile bookmakers to promote pro wrestling and draw in new mobile sports gamblers who have been waiting for a chance to wager on their pro wrestling heroes.