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Online Gambling In Asia 2018

Asia accounts for 60% of the total population of the world so it should come as no surprise that it is the biggest gambling market globally. The popularity of mobile phones across Asia along with advances in technology has provided millions with instant access to online casinos which has created a boom in the marketplace. With different laws and regulations, it has become difficult to regulate the sector due to the speed of technological advances. In this article, I will talk about the market and the changes taking place.

Online Gambling China

The online gambling market in China is full of a wide variety of betting options which include lottery, table games, video slots, and sports. Many gambling activities are forbidden such as poker, mahjong, sports betting, and casino games apart from the Chinese Sports Lottery. Even though gambling online is illegal it has not stopped millions accessing international casinos to place bets on sports and casino games.

The main destination for Chinese gamblers is Macau which can take up to two days to reach. Gambling is legal here for both online and land-based establishments.

Online Gambling Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Government play a key role in controlling the gambling market. They only allow companies to offer these services if they hold a government license provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Mahjong is allowed and is one of the most popular games but poker it controversial which has led to it going underground. There are extremely harsh penalties in place for anyone caught gambling illegally which is why many travel to Macau where it is legal.

Online Gambling Taiwan

The only type of betting allowed in Taiwan is the Sports Lottery and all other forms of gambling are strictly prohibited. This has led to many accessing overseas online casinos that support their language to play games such as Baccarat, Mahjong, and video slots. There is not blocking of casino sites so they can be easily accessed.

Online Gambling Macau

Macau is the hub of gambling in Asia thanks to the lack of government laws and regulations. Even though it is part of China it political and economic systems are completely independent. Land-based and online casinos do not need a license to operator here. It attracts millions of visitors each year from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

Macau is the world’s number one destination and generates greater revenues that Las Vegas. All activities related to gambling are under the DICJ who cover the overseas gambling industry worldwide.

Online Gambling Philippines

There are many different gambling activities available in the Philippines which are mainly divided into two different categories. The first is the state-run corporation called PAGCOR and operators all online and land-based establishments. The section option is via the Cagayan Freeport which has a special zone that allows an operator to run.


It is still very difficult to gamble safely online in many parts of Asia due to it been prohibited in many regions. That has not slowed down the growth of the sector with many using overseas sites to carry out betting activities.

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