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Online Gambling Law in France

All types of gambling are lawful in France. Physical activities may have games, gambling club games, sportsbooks, and racing wagering while online tasks may offer no difference either way aside from club games. With everything taken into account, France is a betting gambling-friendly country.

It’s not all going great in France however. High taxes and excessive regulations make it hard for authorized gaming locales to remain in business. Almost 50% of the gaming destinations that gained licenses in 2010 have since left the market. The high taxes on poker pots and sports wagers likewise influence players, which has brought about huge quantities of players deciding to work with unlicensed unfamiliar locales.

How Online Gambling is Regulated in France

The greatest change in gaming law in ongoing history occurred in 2010. After pressure from the EU to end its prohibitive gaming laws, the French government passed the Gambling Act (Law number 2010-476). The demonstration made the Regulatory Authority for Online Games (ARJEL) whose obligation it became to permit and manage online betting in France.

The Gambling Act was significant for players since it disbanded the public authority imposing business model that existed past to the section of the law. Presently, the French market was available to rival other EU gaming destinations. 35 companies applied for licenses and turned into the primary non-government entities to offer online poker, sports wagering, and horse racing betting.

French lawmakers decided not to incorporate customary club games like roulette, gambling machines, and table games since they felt those games would be excessively habit-forming. Right up ’til the present time, customary gambling club games aren’t offered by French-authorized gaming locales.

Some of the greater names to get licenses included PokerStars, Party Poker, and Everest Poker. Around twelve game wagering associations likewise got licenses. The acquaintance of rivalry with the market was something beneficial for players, however, there was one issue: charges.


The Gambling Act called for excessive taxes on both poker and sports wagering. All poker pots are burdened 2% notwithstanding the rake poker destinations regularly remove from pots. Right up ’til the present time, players pay as much as 7.5% in absolute rake (contrasted with industry normal of 4-5%) on each pot.

Sports wagering was hit with an 8.5% expense on all wagers put. The two games wagering and poker experience the ill effects of these expenses. Players gripe that the higher assessment rates result in a higher-than-ordinary make poker and less probability of making cash with sports wagering. A few poker locales have even left the market because of the cumbersome expense laws.

To finish everything off, the Gambling Act doesn’t permit player pools to be shared across public lines. This implies French players are cut off from the global poker scene. At the point when you play on an authorized French poker site, you just play with individuals who are situated in France. This has messed liquidity up for authorized destinations as they think that it’s hard to keep the games running with a restricted player pool.

The high taxes and confined player pool have prompted numerous players to decide to play at unlicensed sites settled out of different nations. The French betting business sector has extraordinary potential, yet it’s smothered by the oppressive regulations and taxes.