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Online Gambling Trends In The USA 2018

The USA is experiencing a boom in gambling and 2018 is going to break all previous records set. With the relaxation of gambling laws in many states, it has encouraged the world’s largest players to set up shop here and take advantage of the massive marketplace. Betting on sports is still the most popular but new innovations are helping to attract new gamblers at record rates. In this article, I will talk about the current trends along with what to expect in the coming years ahead.


#1. Esports Gambling Boom

No one predicted that watching players play computer games would end up being one of the worlds most watched events. Over the last decade in the USA the popularity of gaming has dramatically increased which has created a massive industry. Betting on the outcome of online matches between gamers has become big business and is now worth billions of dollars worldwide. Expect to see over the coming years this sector continuing to outgrow other gambling sectors thanks to its rising popularity along with an increase in technology making games even better.


#2. SkillBased Games In Demand

Gamblers in the USA are the most educated in history which mean that they are less likely than previously before gamble money on games that they know they will lose. A prime example of this is slot machines as they are purely based on luck and due to the house edge, it means playing over the long-term you are unlikely to come out on top. That is why punters are now choosing skill-based games instead so that they can use their knowledge to help win and not rely on pure luck.


#3. Cryptocurrency Gambling In The USA

One of the biggest rises in demand has been fueled by cryptocurrency and in the USA this form of gambling is hugely popular. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it can offer a decentralized platform that enables gamblers to bet anonymously. This means that US gamblers that would not be able to place bets due to state regulations can get around the laws to gamble on any type of game or betting option.


#4. Peer To Peer Gambling

he community aspect of gambling has been embraced by peer to peer gambling companies which have been a massive success. Rather than gambling against bookmakers, it gives gamblers a chance to bet against friends or rival fans. It also helps to increase the odds so it can pay more to use these sites compare with traditional platforms. Expect to see this sector expand a lot over the next few years.



The USA is one of the leading countries in the development of new gambling concepts so expect to see lots of new ways to place bets in the coming years. The technology behind cryptocurrency presents new possibilities so there are going to be lots of new casinos and betting companies who utilize the blockchain to their advantage to offer a superior platform. It is exciting times and thanks to technology it will help to provide greater transparency along with better odds.

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