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When it comes to Poker Chips they are many different options to choose from. Most people want a poker chip that is like casino quality but they don’t want to pay the price. The most common poker chips are the dice poker chips which are 11.5 grams in weight. The reason why they are called dice chips is because of the edge design is in dice format. The most common poker chip weight is the 11.5 grams that is not to heavy and not to light. Most of these chips have metal inserts which gives them more weight and not necessary more feel. The poker chips that have the metal inserts usually have a clinking sound to it when they are played or tossed around with. These particular chips starts around between $.07-$.15 per chip depending on the outside design. Some other designs in the 11.5 category might picture of aces or kings or even different suites. What makes them more expensive is the rarity and multicolor on the chip and if the poker chips have denominations or without denominations.
My favorite chips are the pro clay 13 grams poker chips. These chips are the best chips for the price and quality. To most amateur players a poker chip is a poker chip. You will start to notice a big difference one you play with these clay 13 grams chips. Not because they weight 13 grams but because the feel and the sound and they way the chips stack up makes a huge difference. These particular chips don’t make a clicking sound. NO. They sound just like the chips you play with in the casinos. YES, in the casinos. And these chips cost about $.21 per chip. If you want to change your table and bring some real chips to your game and you want to add some professionalism then these are the perfect chips. Now there are some other clay chips in the market that are more expensive. The Paulson Poker Chips are the best chips in the market and their popularity is growing every day. However, there’s been some bad reviews as far as the chip having led. But these are the same poker chip manufacture who makes chips for the Las Vegas Casinos. If these chips had led in them we would of heard something or illness from players and casinos. Paulson’s have a few different kind of designs for there poker chip line. There is the Top Hat and Cane, Pharoah’s, World Top Hat and Cane, and the Non Denomination Paulson’s.
Most of the casinos are also using ceramic poker chips. These ceramic chips have full color and it covers the entire chip. Ceramic chips also have edge spotting on the side of the chip to distinguish the chip colors when stacked. Ceramic chips start at $.35 per chip and go has as $1.00 depending if you want to customize or if you want a know brand such as Nevada Jacks or the Desert Sands. I like the ceramic chips myself because how they stack and they are easy to shuffle and they sound like chips.
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