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The Best Football Sponsorship Deals for Online Casinos

Football and gambling companies have worked together in partnership deals for a very long time. It is one of the most successful ways a betting site can attract new punters due to the number of football fans that like to place bets each week on matches. These sponsorship deals have brought millions into the game that would otherwise not of been possible and it is thanks to these deals why we see such amazing clubs around the world. Below are some of the best and biggest deals that have taken place between gambling

#1. Manchester City

If you are a real Manchester City fan you will already know about the partnership deal between the club and Marathonbet which started last season. They were the first partner to a partnership with the club and the deal cover both the mend along with women’s teams. The two-year partnership deal is worth multi-millions per year and in return, Marathonbet is able to have their branding throughout the club which includes betting kiosks. There is exclusive content found on the bookmaker’s site that is themed especially for Manchester City fans along with special rewards for them to win.

#2. Real Madrid

One of the best known online casinos in Europe is Bwin Party and this is due to their sponsorship deal with one of the best along with most prestigious clubs Real Madrid. They have also sponsored most of the world’s largest football clubs which includes; Manchester United, RSC Anderlecht, Juventus, and Bayern Munchen. They were the shirt sponsors from 2007 to 2013 for Real Madrid and during this time the team was extremely successful which helped elevate the Bwin Party to the next level.

#3. FC Copenhagen

In 2012 Unibet first started to partner with FC Copenhagen and the deal work extremely well between the two. It helped pave the way for the company to become a dominant force in European gambling and benefited both parties.

#4. Celtic FC

Ladbrokes is the best-known bookie in all parts of the UK thanks to its sponsorship deals with clubs located all across the country. One of the biggest sponsorship deals that they have taken part in is with Scottish giants Celtic.

#5. Arsenal FC

Bodog which is one of the best-known gambling brands in Asian were able to partnership with top Premier League club Arsenal. The sponsorship lasted for three years and meant that Bodog was the official betting partners for the Asian region. The Gunners have also had other betting partnerships such as the three year deal with Betsson which starting in 2011.


Unless new laws are put in place to ban online casinos and gambling sites from advertising their brands in partnership with football clubs, the amount invested by leading betting companies will grow each year. It is the perfect advertising platform for bookmakers due to the number of fans that place bets. As long as money is also invested to help those that may get gambling addictions and great effort is put in to make gamblers aware of the risks, it is beneficial to all.