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U.S. Online Betting Guide – Choosing the Best Online Sportsbook

Prior to the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, online sports betting was exploding all over America. Even during the pandemic lockdown, states like Colorado, Tennessee, New York, and Louisiana made significant inroads toward the legalization of online sports betting activities for their residents.

With the world’s top sports leagues on the verge of reopening, the interest in sports betting among U.S. residents is starting to catch fire again. These figures include both seasoned online sports bettors as well as new prospective bettors who have been looking forward to joining the fun. In addition to other betting guides, the following information is being offered to help people understand how to choose the best sportsbook for their sports betting activities.

The Legal Choice

While the internet does not completely understand the concept of state borders, it is a must for the online sports bettors of America. Remember, only a dozen or so of the states that have legalized sports betting (23 states) have also legalized online sports betting.

Each state government is responsible for establishing its own laws regarding online gambling activities in their respective states. As an online gambler, you are required by law to restrict your online sports betting activities to online sportsbooks that are licensed to operate in your state of residence. In other words, you are not permitted to sit in your New York residence and place bets through a New Jersey licensed online sportsbook.

To be clear, a New York resident is allowed to place sports wagers through a licensed New Jersey online sportsbook if they are physically located in New Jersey at the time they place their wagers. To ensure that boundaries are enforced, most of the nation’s online gambling websites are or will be using GEO tracking software programs to make sure out-of-state users are blocked.

The Best Choice

As online sports betting grows in America, there will be plenty of competition for customers among a number of different licensed online bookmakers in each state. In some states, as many as 15 sports betting operator licenses are being offered to operators that can meet the state’s stated guidelines.

As the end-user, it is up to you to decide which sportsbook is going to best serve your needs. A quick look at a dozen or so online sportsbooks taking bets in New Jersey points out that there is little that differentiates one sportsbook from another as far as content. For you, the sports bettor, there are two things upon which you should focus.

First, the convenience of making deposits/withdrawals has to be a concern. Until the Wire Act of 1961 is repealed, making deposits and withdrawals electronically (credit/debit cards, wire transfers) is illegal. That means all deposits and withdrawals must be made in person. The land-based host sportsbook close to your residence will likely be your best option as far as convenience is concerned.

Second, each online sportsbook will be fighting for your business by offering bonuses. Not all bonuses are created equal. You are well within your rights to select the sportsbook or sportsbooks that are willing to offer you the most bang for your buck in the form of bonus monies or free bets.