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What are some of the betting terms used in horse racing competitions

Horse racing competitions are among the most ancient sports ever played. This can be seen from the unusual terms, slang, and acronyms used while on the pitch.

This blog will show some of the commonly used terms during horse racing and they include:

  1. Blinkers:

These are protective gears that cover the eyes of horses in a race and narrow their field vision to track to the track ahead of them. Sometimes they are called ‘blinders’


This is a male horse.

  1. Daily double:

This is a bet which is all about picking the winners of the two highlighted races in a successive order

  1. Furlong:

This is the measure of distance in horse races.

  1. Exacta:

This is an exotic wager where a bettor bets on horses to come in first and second position in the exact order.

  1. Filly:

This is a female horse

  1. Gelding:

This is a male horse that has been sterilized. This practice is intended to make rebellious horses focus on racing only

  1. Grade:

This means grading of races depending on the quality of horses present and usually grade 1 races have the best competitors

  1. Handicap:

This is the adding of extra weight on horses due to their great performances in the past races in order to level the playing field.

  1. Harness racing:

This means, races with jockeys on small carts behind the horses

  1. OTB:

This acronym stands for off-the-track betting.

  1. Post position:

this is the placing of a horse in the starting stalls

  1. Place:

to place means to bet on a horse to either finish in the first or second position.

  1. Purse:

This is the winning money awarded for a race.

  1. Show:

This is a straight wager whereby a bettor bets that their  horse will either finish in any of the first three positions and if the horse selected finishes in either the first or second or third position the that’s called a show

  1. Simulcast:

This is the same as live streaming and in-game betting for other sports like football where live races are visually shown on the screen at racetracks around the country and a bettor can watch and bet on what happens next as the races proceed.

  1. Superfecta:

This is one of the exotic kinds of wagers whereby a bettor bets on four horses to finish in the first four positions in the exact order. This is among the toughest bets on horses to crack but the returns are usually huge in case any bettor predicts correctly.

  1. Trotting:

This is a kind of race among horses that don’t allow horses to break into a gallop.

  1. Triple crown:

For a horse to win the triple crown title, a horse needs to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes in the same year.

  1. Trifecta:

This is where the bettor has to pick the horses that will be in the first, second, and third positions in the exact order. This is another form of betting on horses.

  1. Win:

This literally means to pick the winning horse in a race while betting. Hence if a bettor predicts the correct horse as the outright winner, then that’s called a win.