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What are the commonly used terms in sports betting

The blog is going to be about the different terminologies used in sports betting that the new users may find overwhelming but with this blog, you will be able to learn some of these commonly used terms and they include:

  • Action,

It refers to the number of bets placed on a game or event or how bets are settled

  • American odds,

it refers to the amount of money you can wager or win on any selection based on an increment of $100 however the wagered money Is added to the payout.

  • ATS,

This is an abbreviation of Against The Spread and is used to say the results of an event when it takes into consideration the point Spread

  • Backdoor cover,

It means covering the point Spread with late ‘meaningless’ points being scored

  • Bad beat

It refers to a tough loss to a bet that had seemingly won before a turnaround in the game or match

  • Bet slip,

This is the same as a ‘ cart’ used on online purchases, now here ‘cart’ acts as a bet slip of a sportsbook. A bet slip is where your selected picks, the amount wagered before confirmation of your bet are found.

  • Bet receipt,

This is an already confirmed ticket after placing your bet. It contains confirmation of your selections, odds, results, and a unique identifier to differentiate between bets.

  • Book,

This is a short form for a sportsbook. Sportsbook is a platform that accepts wagers on sports events or contests

  • Buying points,

This is when a bettor takes a different price(odds) so as to get a different line( spread or total) on a match.

  • Cashout,

This simply means to ‘take out your money before an outcome is decided to enable you to secure part of winning or reduce your losses.

  • Chalk / favorite/ lock,

This refers to the favorite team or athlete or player. The favorite is usually expected to win.

  • Correct score,

Just as it suggests, it means predicting the exact score of an event or match either full-time or half-time.

  • Cover,

Winning enough to beat the point Spread.

  • Dead heat,

When two or more participants finish with the same score.

  • Dog,

This means the team anticipated to lose

  • Double chance,

Where it is possible to bet simultaneously on two outcomes of a game.

  • Even money,

This is where a bet is placed and returns more profits than the initial wager.

  • Forecast,

This is a wager where you bet on two or more selections to finish in a specified order

  • Hedging/laying the points,

This is betting on the opposite side of a current wager so as to minimize losses and guarantee a small profit

  • Lines,

This is another word for point Spread, total, and money line

  • Long shot,

Also known as the underdog either a team or an individual expected to lose the game

  • No actions,

A bet that is canceled or void and money is returned back

  • Wager/stake,

The money you place on a bet.

In conclusion,

The list of terminologies is endless, but if you meet any new word that’s not on the list, it’s safe to search for it before you take any action