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What Asian countries have fully illegalized gambling

Here is the list of countries that have prohibited and limited all forms of gambling.


Qatar being an Islamic state has one of the strictest anti-gambling completely prohibits all forms of gambling. The government has also gone further to restrict access to foreign gambling sites.

According to the Qatari penal code (Law No. ll of 2004), players can face imprisonment of up to three months and a fine of not more than 3000 Riyals.


Lebanon being an Islamic state has also imposed strict rules on online gambling. It has been able to identify and block these gambling sites’ websites for instance in 2013, the government banned all offshore gambling operations.

North Korea:

It is no secret that the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has already imposed restrictions on the people of North Korea and a ban on gambling on its citizens is one of them.

There North Korea has forbidden its citizen from participating in any online and offline gambling to stop the idea of a free market even though foreigners can still gamble.


Brunei is an Islamic state which implemented Islamic laws since May 2014.

Therefore, gambling is prohibited and punishable under the Common Gaming Houses Act with a fine of $10,000 and imprisonment of up to 6months.

Even though the law did not clearly include online gambling, online players can still be punished if caught.

Unlike other Islamic states, Brunei completely prohibits gambling without prejudice of one’s social status, race, or color.

It enforces these laws through frequent arrests.


Unlike the above states, Japan being a non-Islamic state, prohibited all forms of gambling including online gambling and tries to regulate the industry as much as there’s an increasing number of gambling spots.


For many years, Cambodia struggled with the gambling addiction of its citizens and consequently imposed a ban, the 1996 Suppression of Gambling Act even though this law does not apply to foreigners gambling.

United Arab Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic state that strictly forbids gambling either online or offline and has strict penalties for those that engage in any form of betting.

According to Article 414 of the UAE penal code, whoever is caught gambling shall be punished with the detention of up to 2years and a fine not exceeding Dh20,000.


As much as it is not an Islamic state, Singapore has made gambling illegal and banned all forms of online gambling under the Singapore Remote Gambling Act and with some exceptions for land-based gambling.


The blog has answered the question’ What states have fully illegalized gambling?’ it has briefly discussed a list of some of these countries. The countries mentioned above very strict anti-gambling policies and have those who try to challenge these laws may be faced with stiff