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What factors to consider when betting on horse racing

Horse Racing is among the fun and exciting sports to bet on due to the drama and suspense that builds with the start of the race however if you intend on betting on this sport these are the things one has to put into consideration and they include:

past and recent matches:  research is important in determining if a horse is worth betting on and thus the factors below will also require some bit of research to do. Therefore be ready to do some extra work, if you intend on betting on horses. Some information will be given but some will have to go an extra mile to find out like their lineage, age and freshness and so many more that could be relevant.

pace and speed: this can easily be identified from the horses on the field usually marked with an initial ‘CD’ translating to course and distance, which means that the horse knows the track and the distance of the race too. This will also help in determining just what horse to bet on.

surface or track conditions and weather: some horses will prefer when the ground is soft while the rest will prefer the ground being firm. The condition of the ground is determined by the weather condition if it rains or sunny. To determine if a horse works under certain conditions then you will have to go through its previous records.

the jockey: some bettors bet on a horse because of its jockey which is alright and a good thing as well since the owners of the horses usually invest so much for their horses to win from buying good feeds to proper maintenance and housing to proper breeding to training them to lastly finding the best jockey to run their horses during the racing competition. Thus well trained jockeys usually get well-skilled and strong horses.

The trainer: some bettors will bet on a certain horse because it was trained by a particular trainer. This is because naturally a good trainer is most likely to be performing in top competitions all around the country and is paid heavily for instilling great competitive skills on a horse. These are usually determined from their past records

Trainer/jockey partnership: this is also important because records have shown stronger wins and high percentages on certain jockey/trainer pairings thus why some bettors usually consider this factor while betting as they are high chances of winning.

Distance: distance is another factor to consider while betting on horses. This is because some horses do not go as far as a two-mile trip. Therefore check out the distances that they have covered and if they will be able to take the competition before betting.

Layoffs: layoffs drastically affect the performance of horses if they have been laid off for a very long time like several months or even a year as a result of injury or any other issues. However this may not be the case for every horse, so it’s better to check their previous records and performance after long breaks