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Why Cryptocurrency Is Perfect For Casinos

One of the fastest growing sectors in the casino industry is cryptocurrency gambling and in 2018 so far we have seen a huge influx of new initiative companies launching platforms that are designed for the crypto gambler. They offer many advantages over traditional real money casinos due to blockchain technology enabling brand new concepts that benefit the player. In this article, I will go into further details why crypto is perfect for casinos.


#1 Provably Fair Casino Games

One of the main reasons why crypto is perfect for casinos is due to the fact that blockchain technology allows for the first time in gambling history for genuine provably fair odds. It is why so many gamblers now prefer to bet at cryptocurrency casino sites rather than traditional online casinos. It works via a public betting ledger that displays each bet along with outcome so that everything is completely transparent.


#2 Speedy Payouts

It can be extremely frustrating if you have had a big casino win and have to wait a long time before getting your payout. Cryptocurrency casinos provide the ultimate solution to this problem as this payment form can be carried out a lot faster than traditional methods along with having no fees attached at the best gambling platforms.


#3 Anonymous Gambling

Having gambling transactions showing on bank and credit card statements can affect your credit rating which may result in you getting rejected if you apply for finance or a loan. Cryptocurrency casinos enable anonymous gambling which solves this problem. It also means that players do not have to enter personal details so they are much safer than traditional online casinos.


#4 Lower House Edge

The lower the house edge the more likely you are to win which is why finding the lowest house edge casino games is the best option. The blockchain allows for reduced costs through automation which means that lower house edges are possible. Games such as Dice have been designed specifically for crypto and have almost a zero house edge which is not possible with traditional casino games.


#5 PeertoPeer

One of the best things about crypto and the blockchain is that it cuts out the middleman. By doing so it means that transaction fees can be dramatically reduced which can be passed onto players. Due to the autonomous nature of the blockchain casinos can now run themselves without costly operators. It also means that it is possible to create new environments that enable peer-to-peer gambling which makes it more fun along with creating better odds.



There are many benefits that you can experience by making the switch to gambling at cryptocurrency casinos rather than traditional online real money sites. With many new games that are designed specifically to run on the blockchain, it is bringing a new era in gambling that will eventually lead to zero house edges. With complete transparency which you will not find playing at online casinos, once you make the switch you will never look back.

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